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Mark Helprin


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Refiner's FireRefiner's Fire: The Life and Adventures of Marshall Pearl, a Foundling

by Mark Helprin

"As if The Odyssey had been updated and rewritten by Dylan Thomas" (The Listener, London), Refiner's Fire is the story of Marshall Pearl, orphaned at birth aboard an illegal immigrant ship off the coast of Palestine in 1947 and brought as an infant into the "ardent unlimitedness" of America. We follow him as he dreams, reconstructing his life, until by the strength of what he has learned, suffered, and hoped, Marshall Pearl rises.


A Soldier of The Great WarA Soldier of the Great War 

by Mark Helprin

From Mark Helprin bestselling author of Winter's Tale and Memoir from Antproof Case, comes a magnificent epic adventure in which the hero reckons with love, loss, beauty, honor; and mortality  On his, last long walk, septuagenarian war hero, deserter, and professor Alessandro Giuliani shares his past with an illiterate young factory worker spinning a remarkable tale of heart-stopping escapes, of loves unrequited and won, of madmen, dwarfs, and mafiosi. But overshadowing all is hismost miraculous and terrible adventure, the Great War.


Memoir From Antproof CaseMemoir From Antproof Case

by Mark Helprin

An old American who lives in Brazil is writing his memoirs. An English teacher at the naval academy, he is married to a woman young enough to be his daughter and has a little son whom he loves. He sits in a mountain garden in Niteroi, overlooking the ocean, and carries with him a Walther P-88. As he reminisces and writes, placing the pages carefully in his antproof case, we learn that he was a World War II ace who was shot down twice; an investment banker who met with popes and presidents; a multimillionaire; and a man who was never not in love.


A Dove of the East & Other StoriesA Dove of the East & Other Stories 

by Mark Helprin
The twenty stories here, many of which first appeared in the New Yorker and have since been anthologized throughout the world, are strikingly beautiful essays on enduring and universal questions


Ellis Island and Other Stories 

by Mark Helprin


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